5 reasons you don’t want to vote Liberal

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There are a lot of reasons why someone might not want to vote one way or another in an election; this is just a few for why you wouldn’t want to vote Liberal/LNP in any Australian election:

  1. You’re not filthy rich
    You would think this is an obvious one, however the propaganda machine of the Liberal Party and many in the media are actually pretty good at making you think that your interests are taken care of, In fact they are indeed been taken care of, but not in the way you think. Unless you are filthy rich (You can live very comfortably and keep accumulating large amounts of wealth from today if you never work another day in your life) then in general LNP policies are not helping you.  As an example, the richer you are the lower taxes in proportion to your wealth you get to pay, to the point that you read in the news about the one dollar tax bills that some ultra rich individuals get! Then tax cuts that the LNP announce often mean that you will get less services and support which in turn result in you paying overall more than that tax cut they are giving!
  2.   You care about the community and Australia as a whole, i.e. you’re not a selfish bastard!
    Overall the majority of Australians fall in that category and think that they help when voting Liberal. Yet, if you sit there and think carefully about the long-term consequences of cutting funding to education, health, community services and major public infrastructure, it means that everybody ends up needing to fend for themselves. If the LNP is so intent on becoming like the USA they should just move there. That’s what Rupert Murdoch did, I suggest they follow suit!
  3. You believe in the idea of a ‘Fair go’ to all Australians
    Just like the myth of the USA being the land of opportunities, the Neo Conservative ideas of the Liberal Party are actually clear to all to see, if we closely look into them that is.
    The concept of small government, that they always throw in our faces as a cost cutting and efficiency measurement, actually means that they want just capitalism without the social pact with society and the checks and balances. In practice what that means is that all of our Law, rules and reduced regulation result in everything being stacked in favour of the rich. This makes them richer by the day and harder for the 99% of the rest of society to get a piece of the pie. To put it simply, unless you are one of that 1% you are going up a very steep hill and not competing on a fair playing field!
  4. You care about the environment
    When it comes to economics, the Liberals always talk about growth, growth and more growth. Usually on the expense of all other aspects, such as environmental and social impacts of projects, pollution, sustainability, etc. Eventually they come to the table and put some safeguards after international or domestic pressures. This will always be the case when growth is the main driver of policy with social, environmental and community concerns far behind it.
  5. You want a bright future for Australia and the world
    It all seems to always go back to Neo Conservative thinking which is the bases of the Liberal Party. That thinking results in the short-term in the promotion of the self, concentration of wealth in the hands of the few and the rise of inequality in all its aspects. This in the long-term causes instability in society, greed, the rise of crime and ultimately the high possibility of war over wealth and power. The world has seen this happen over and over again, if only we learn from our mistakes!

Before you start saying that this is over simplifying things that was deliberate. This is not the forum for 100s of pages of detailing how this actually works, but more like the results of what their ideology is all about. If you want a good comprehensive read about the economic consequences from a recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, that explains it with all the proofs and references, I suggest you read “The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future” by Joseph Stiglitz, it’s a worthwhile read.