Everyone of us usually has an opinion or two about what is happening in this world, the community we live in, a gadget that is just out or simply to write about an issue to just let out some steam.

I know there are something like a million website that you can post your say about specific subjects, but I thought it won’t hurt if I add my own to all those others.

You might read something that you do or don’t agree with, whatever the case, I will always try to give my honest opinion about things, and if you think that it is not right then you can drop me a line in the comments and tell me what you think, if I see your point I will be more than happy to adjust mine or reply to yours to clarify what I meant, you might just see my point at the end or vice versa.

We should always remember that we live in a multicultural society, with a multitude of opinions and ideas about practically every aspect of life. Many countries in which we live in guarantees our freedom of speech in their constitutions others imply it, and a lot of those countries actually let their citizens’ exercise this right. If you are one of the privileged people that are living in such a place you should remember that such a right is precious and should be valued by us, but at the same time, we need to realise that such a right will generate opinions covering all the spectrum; from the fanatic to the indifferent and as you expect to be able to exercise your freedom you need to let others do the same however their opinions might conflict with yours.

We all need to try to balance the freedoms we get with the responsibilities that such freedoms generate, accomplishing this is very hard at times, and could even feel impossible at others, yet if we don’t try to respect others the consequences are usually bleak.

You might wonder who am I? Well, I’m a Sydneysider who’s been calling Australia home for a decade or so now, with interests in social issues, technology, reading and politics among other things.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome, even if it’s not positive, though keep is civilised please 🙂

Gaith Bader