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Highlights of the Direction 2016 conference

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Whenever I go to conferences I always try to think of ways to remember all the great things I’ve experienced there after the event. Two months later, I’m quoting something and for the life of me I can’t remember who exactly said it when someone asks! Infuriating right? Anyway, I came up with the idea of writing things down and sprinkling it with tweets and Instagram posts, revolutionary I know! So here’s my highlights of it all covering the two days 10-11 Nov 2016 of the Direction 16 conference.


Apple vs. Google: Mobile business approach

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Remember yesteryear when you didn’t need to bother with trying to find a mobile that does everything for you, when phones were just phones and not labelled with human features like smart? Then Apple came to the scene and destroyed our tranquil simple lives with a new phenomenon, with a device, with…..  an (iPhone) to raise the benchmark and herald the start of mass-market smartphone era.