Labor: The road to oblivion!

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[Opinion piece]
Here I am again finding myself writing about Labor, you would think I should have given up on them by now, but sadly, because of the two partly political system that we live in, the alternative is worse even if for totally different reasons.

One of the main problems now, as far as I can see, of the current Labor government, headed by Julia Gillard and her cabinet, is that they come off as politicians without any real principles, any convictions or any actual set of ideals that they use to govern. I am sure that there are Labor members in parliament that have strong believes and ideas, however, the Labor party have a unity concept, one that does not allow members to go against the flow within the parliament. What does that mean to us the voters? It means that they all look the same on all issues. They can say that in the party meetings they debated things, but that is behind closed doors, what I don’t know I will not bother debating.

Look at the state of affairs since Ms. Gillard took over the leadership of the Labor government, the party has been consistent in abandoning anything and everything that they used to believe in without any real justification or reason to why.

This process started with dumping the Carbon trading scheme, then throwing out first mining tax, their education revolution was anything but revolutionary, they made a deal with the Greens then distance themselves from anything Green and demonize them, they abolish the pacific solution for processing refugees only to do a full 180 and and reinstate a solution that more or less looks like the Pacific solution Mark II, if not worse! They reintroduce a carbon tax that is watered down and useless, they introduce a mining super tax that is also watered down, though better than nothing, but nowhere as effective as the previous one.

A Prime Minister that does not seem to poses any zeal and conviction in her job. One thing that can be said about John Howard, whither you liked what he did or not, is that he had believes and goals  that he set out to achieve and by the end of his term as PM he pretty much achieved most of what he set out 12 years earlier. The same could not be said about Julia Gillard, in fact you would be hard pressed to know what she want to do, nothing is obvious and even with hindsight of what she already have done, you can’t tell what were her motives and if she even wanted any of the things that were achieved.
All these flips and police yo-yoing does not come with any real justification, other than the usual political spin that means nothing at all.

What does it all mean for them?

A party that lost its way, they try to please all but succeed in doing the opposite, they try to please the right when it is Liberal’s bread and butter and they distance themselves from Unions which are their own bread and butter, they want to play the let the Liberals dictate and get relegated to just reacting  to what Liberals say.

The left don’t like them their extreme views, the right prefer to vote for their own party, they cut the tie with Greens, diehard Labor voters are trying hard to find reasons to vote for them in the next Federal elections.

They are simply weak, divided, indecisive without any real core values, no longer representing their namesake, they are left with voters that if they vote for them, it would be only because they know Liberals are too efficient at implementing their own policies.

The last NSW state election, is a preview what such a party would end up in.

This September, unless a miracle happens, the Liberals will take over government and Tony Abbott will be our PM!


My only hope is that us as voters will be savvy enough not to give the Liberals the majority in both the house of Representatives and the Senate.

What a sad state of affairs……