The Liberals, the only political party that understands Australia’s budget needs

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Genius is the word that first must come to your mind when thinking about the 2014 Liberal Party post imagebudget. The Liberal party has at last come up trumps with a budget that will put us back in the black. After all being in the red is akin to being a communist, and we all know, that you don’t want that!

We can write volumes on all the great things in the budget, however, I thought it more relevant here to address the criticisms that you can hear and read about all over the lefty news! Thank the powers to be that News Limited are here to keep the lefties honest and tell us what to know and how to think.

The detractors of this miracle and brave budget from Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and the rest of the LNP are saying that the country is not actually in a crisis to start with and try to back their claims with every international economist in the world! This is of course absurd; the proof that it is totally and utterly ridiculous, is that a sensible and smart government would not ever even contemplate putting the whole country’s economic standing in jeopardy by bad mouthing themselves just for the sake of an ideology, therefore this argument is completely unbelievable, especially so, because Joe Hockey is brilliant and would not readjust budget figures just to suite his and the LNP’s ideology! After all they are running the country for all Australians and not just themselves and their buddies!

Other nonbelievers seem to insinuate that the budget is unfair! With the heavy lifting more proportionate towards the poor, the sick, the young and even the elderly! This of course is rejected out of hand, because on their own admission, it pretty much covers everybody, except perhaps big business and the rich, but those are such a small proportion of the over all population of the country that you might as well discard them statistically anyway. Never the less, we can digress and look at the numbers anyway:

Projected difference in real disposable incomes (2014 $ pw) of different household types

(Source: Sharing the Budget pain, Peter Whiteford and Daniel Nethery)

It is quite clear from the table above, which describes real disposable incomes, that almost everybody is worse off from the budget, which is good for everybody, at least as far as the budget is concerned of course.
Now, I did say almost everybody, that is because the last row in the whole table happens to be not worse off, but if you look closer you realise that those mentioned in that last row are couples, which we all want to foster and advocate, not to mention, being single is horrible, isn’t it? And then you also notice that they are with no children, for the mathematically challenged, it means that they are only two, no more no less. This is of course fantastic news; after all, sustainability is all the rage these days and it is not like the previous LNP government was telling us to have a baby for us and another for the country! That would just be plain crazy talk.

We can already see a trend emerging here; we have dealt with two points, exposing them for what they are, total fabrications that actually illustrate how the budget is truly helping us become better Australians by being all couples without children. That is what upholds our Australian values and anyone saying otherwise is simply un-Australian, pure and simple.

Now that we moved this out of the way, we can look at other issues that the unbelievers try to bring up, such as the rich are getting a tokenistic easy temporary levy and a small one at that, just so that Joe Hockey and the LNP can say that everybody is shouldering the pain. Well, this one is the most ridiculous claim of them all, for the simple fact that when we look at the figures (Source SMH: Budget pain? Not for millionaires who pay no tax), we see that the top 75 richest Australians last year had a combined taxable income of $82, which basically means they don’t pay tax at all, thus the whole premise that they are getting a levy is not even true! So, if unbelievers can’t get that right, how can we even start believing that it was put there so that the LNP can claim that everybody is shouldering the pain in the budget? Yes, the only conclusion here is that all these detractors, skeptics and unbelievers in the brilliance of the LNP government budget, simply don’t know how to read or do their homework.

This takes us to the claim that the LNP government are ignoring the environment and sustainability in this budget, by cutting funding to environmental projects, shutting down funding to renewal energy science, etc. etc. Well, again, you need to read the budget with an open mind, it has actually been constructed with sustainability in its heart; this is done via a multifaceted approach:

  • Make couples with no kids pay less tax
  • Make elderly work until they are 70
  • Make the sick, weak, disabled and elderly pay more at the doctors
  • Make the young pay more for their education
  • Make the young unemployed, hungry and more reliant on their parents and their elderly grandparents.

The above prudent policies will result in Australians having less children, the elderly getting poorer trying to support themselves, their children and their grandchildren, while trying to save up to pay more to doctors appointments. This in turn also would result in fewer doctor’s visits. The combination of all these is effectively lowering the average Australian’s age, who now would die off from work exhaustion, malnutrition and sickness.

As you can see, these brilliant policies would assure the way to a more sustainable population with a higher degree of young able Australians that will be willing to work for less, since most of them can’t afford an education to gain any qualifications anyway.

In one swoop they manage with this single budget, to practically fix all of Australia’s problems, yet, instead of us going one step further in our passion for the monarchy and making Tony Abbott our monarch as a token of our appreciation, we just come to the realisation that they can never satisfy some, no matter what the LNP do!

Shame on us all!

TONY FOR KING, is what I say…….

Tony Abbott for King(Image source: The Australian Independent Media Network)